Yesterday was my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday


Hey it rhymes!

Not really in the mood to blog but feels like blogging something. So here we go, typing according to what comes in mind. So, yesterday was my birthday. My 30th birthday. I have officially entered the 3 series club. Being 30 scares me. I’m old. And it really feels like death is just a block away. Death feels so close. Being this old makes me rethink my life a little bit.

This year, 32 people wishes me birthday on my facebook wall. Plus one happy birthday video. Thank you facebook for the reminders if not I don’t really think many would bother to wish me happy birthday. Haha.

At this age, I don’t want to be in a time wasting, energy wasting relationship. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t need me and doesn’t appreciate me. Alhamdulillah I’m not with one who does the above. I’m thankful for my husband and my family, my friends and also my colleague.

At this age, I need to be really focus on my future and forgets the past. I’m not going to look back at the past anymore. Today, I forgive everyone that have done me wrongs. I hope that all of you will move on and not look back too. And please don’t repeat the mistakes with me, with my family members. I pray for a future full of rainbows as we have walked through the storm.

At this age, my parents are also ageing, my in laws are ageing too. The feeling that I won’t get to be with them much longer hurts me. Getting older, getting more people around leaving us to meet our creators. It’s a sad sad reality. I love you mak abah! May you have a long long life! Tsk. I’m getting emotional of a sudden.

Okay boss will be back soon, so,lastly,
at this age, I wan’t to do the best that I can for both world, the akhirah and the dunya. I understand that if I chase the dunya, the akhirah will be left behind. And if I chase the akhirah, the dunya will follow me back. And so, the akhirah it is. Lets be a better muslim. InsyaAllah  for the better.

Thank you Allah, for another year, for another day to live for. May You grant me a blissful life and increase my obedience to You. Please give me guidance in living my life as a wife, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend and as a muslim. O’ Allah please protect my heart, my soul for the badness of people and dunyawi. Make me a better person, a thankful one, and one that is strong enough to go through all the temptation and challenge of this world. Thank you for all the blessings that You have given me. The blessings in form of my husband, 2 beautiful sons, my mother, my father, my sisters and brother. Alhamdullilah alhamdulillah.

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  1. HAHA. happy belated birthday babe. And if it makes you feel any better, i don't think you look old. Age does not define how your look, because age is just a number 🙂

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