Fun weekend : Strawberry popsicles !

Fun weekend : Strawberry popsicles !


Last saturday, me and the kids made some strawberry popsicles from the leftovers strawberries that we bought from the trip to Cameron Highland on the previous weekend.

I made them on saturday, and freeze it for a night in the deep freezer. Arsyad kept on bugging me from the moment I close the freezer door on when can we eat the popsicles. Hahaha. So on sunday, after breakfast we got to eat them! Yay!

The popsicles
Yummy strawberries goodness

The boy who can’t wait marvelling at the glorious popsicle

Savouring till the last drop

Budak kecik wants to have some too!

 Strawberry Popsicles recipe

2 cups of Strawberries
1 cup of Plain water
4 tbsp of Sugar
2 tsp of Lime

Blend em all!
Pour to mold of your choice,
freeze it

Heheheh. Too easy right? Next we shall combine with yogurt. Yummeh!

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