Monday afterthought – Teaching children

Monday afterthought – Teaching children


Angry because of love.

A participant asked me, “Madam,can we be angry at the child, but after that we said to them that we are angry because we love them?”

[1] Anger is not the only way to describe the feeling of love.

[2] Wrong angry technique gave negative impact on psychology. Its difficult to hear positive words spoken by people who are angry.

[3] The prophet Muhammad SAW showed his silent when angry. When changing the behavior of others, He smiles and praise the good attitude.

[4] When parents often use the excuse of “angry because of love”, we will observe behavior that is consistent on the child:

When they are naughty, they get attention.

This is wrong. I just knew. Many parents that I knew used this technique. I myself didn’t do this cos I never find it right. Hoping this will be beneficial to others. Have a great weekdays.

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