What is your definition of success?

What is your definition of success?


Yes. Seriously, what is it?

For me, it have multiple categories. Financial, religion, education, family.

Financially, to be labeled successful is when I managed to support my parents, my siblings, my in laws, my husband of their financial need. No matter how much they need. Reasonable amounts, mind you. So that when they ask to borrow some money, I can just say, “Gimme your account.” Just like that. And to be able to spend some money to reward others.

On religion. I want to successfully pray on time, early and achieve kusyu’. I want to take care of aurah properly too. To do the extra sunnah prayers every day. To read the holy quran everyday. And, to teach my son to pray and read Al-Quran. I want to be the best role model for my kids, for my siblings.

In terms of education, to have a solid knowledge on my current job role that when I go for job interviews, I don’t need to show the HR my payslip. Cos my experience and my knowledge can be used to set the salary that I demanded. Fuyoh.

Successful in family building, upbringing is to be the ibu mithali, isteri solehah.
To have lots of patience teaching and guiding my children. To be a great wife for my husband. To teach my kids by myself at home. Having a clean house all the time, a wardrobe full of folded clothes only. To master cooking so that we would never feel like eating out again cos Ibu’s cooking is that great. Hahah.

All of the above shows that I am not satisfied with my current life. And that is not a good thing, I believe. Be thankful, bersyukur. I wonder if I’m not being thankful enough. Arghhhh I feel sad. Need to audit myself back. Bertenang, audit diri, prof Muhaya says. Ok lets do it. See ya.

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