Being a wife

Being a wife

I just need to let this out of my system.

As a wife, of course you want to be the only one ,  the only wife. But what if your husband fell in love with someone else? How would you feel?

As a woman yourself, you know how much it hurts to have your special someone in love with someone else. You wouldn’t want it to happen to you so it is pretty much logical that you won’t do the same thing to someone else wife right? Unless you yourself hate your own marriage and trying to get out of it by snatching someone else husband. How low. And what a bitch you are.

So you are saying that its not your fault their husband fell in love with you. Tepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi. True that. Even in Quran was mentioned that a man’ s doom will be because of a woman.

The thing is, stop seducing someone else husband’s.

Stop telling him your feelings,  stop sharing your stories.

Stop thinking that he is your way out of your hell of a life.

Stop trying to make him your best friend. Someone else husband can’t be a woman’s best friend. It is just so wrong in Islam.

Stop thinking that you are helping him by making him happy. You are actually dragging him to hell with your haram relationship.

As a man, I understand you have 4 quotas to fulfill. But, that is just sunnah. If you can’t even do the wajib,  why bother at the sunnah. You say you have all the rights to have relationship with all the woman that you want cos you are a man. But remember your wife,  your duty to her, your duty to not hurt her. You shouldn’t make another woman your best friend, your other lover, much less another man’s wife. It was all very wrong, haram and sinful. All of those will just point you to maksiat.

Loyalty. Hold to that. Hold to your own wife, to your own husband. Change yourself and make them the happiest person in the world. Take care of your prayers, those are the pillars of Islam. If you remember Allah, afraid of Him, I believe you won’t want to do the haram. Strength the muslim in you.

This is a reminder to myself and all other muslims. Just saw some bad relationships around me and that pissed me off this morning.

O’ Allah I pray that my heart will always belong to my husband as his heart to me, and only me. Strengthen our hearts together. May we not fell to the trap of satan and broke our loyalty and love. Please Allah, make me a good wife to my husband. May all the seducers, the relationship destroyers stay far away from our marriage. Protect my husband from satan’s badness. Help us istiqamah in our prayers and keep helping our iman to increase. May we be together  forever till jannah. Amiinn.

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