Driving lesson | Day 1

Driving lesson | Day 1

For my readers info,  I already have a driving license but it has been 4 years since I last drive a car. Apart from being a spoilt wife whose husband drive her to everywhere she wanna go, I have a little bit fear of driving after the car accident that happens during my pregnancy last 4 years.  Yeah it has been years,  time to get over it Salma.
So,  today is the confidence lesson. Mr P promised he will be nice and not getting angry at me. And he did. Thank you bebeh! Then I learned all the gears,  driving auto car is easy,  I just knew. I learned using a manual Dutson before back at 2003. Kehkeh.  
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I forgot to wear my seatbelt so the alarm thingy kept buzzing and bugging me. Today I managed to learn how to budget my car sides so that I don’t crush people on my sides. But still not quite confident on my left side. I even got honked by a BMW at the traffic light. Just like the old times when I first learn to drive. We changed driver afterwards. Mr P drove and kept on following the BMW close,  the driver sped up and got caught by AES camera speed trap . Padan muka. Honk aku lagi.
Lessons continue tomorrow. 

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