Arsyad’s Kindergarten | Tadika Visi Sinar

Arsyad’s Kindergarten | Tadika Visi Sinar


This is Arsyad’s kindergarten/daycare. Tadika Visi Sinar at presint 11 Putrajaya. Right above of 99 Speedmart.

This preschool was opened early this year. The principle was the one who took care of Arsyad since he was 7 months old back at the nursery. The old nursery have been transformed to a daycare/playcare/preschool/transit by Ibu Sinar.
For today I would just share about the programs at the kinder. More pictures on the kinder will be on the next post as soon that I am able to get a decent pictures for Tadika Visi Sinar. Hehehe.
Tadika Visi Sinar uses the Ibnu Sina Programs for the students. It includes Hafazan or Quran Memorization, Islamic Science, New Maths, English Phonics and Bahasa Melayu Phonics. The syllabus for the classes differ between the students age group. There are currently 6 staffs, which is 2 babysitters, 2 teacher and 2 ustazahs. 
As early as 8 am, the students are gathered in an assembly, then they start the lessons with dzikir, memorization and salat al dhuha. This is where I am ashamed of myself. My son, a 4 years old pray solat dhuha everyday. Me? Hard to even get it done once a week. Shame on you Salma, shame. *cries* That aside, I am very proud of my son. These days, everyday at home he will say that he wants to solat with me. “Ibu, Arsyad nak solat.” “Ibu, Arsyad nak solat ngan(dengan) Ibu.” Its true that people say, sometimes we learn more from our kids than they learn from us
Arsyad’s other progress is, he can say the do’a makan, follow along al fatihah, al ikhlas and sing lots of songs. Hahah. His recent favourite is the song Are You Sleeping. Every friday, we will be handed a book of homework to be done during the weekends. The activities usually includes colouring and tracing alphabet. From what I observed, Arsyad doesn’t like colouring. He loves looking at he pictures in the exercise book, but not colouring. Each month, a progress report on memorization and phonic will be handed to parents. Can’t wait to see Arsyad’s report. *excited*
Alhamdulillah. Seeing his progress makes me very proud of him. Of how lucky I am to have a son like him. One tip that I got from Arsyad’s paediatrician is, to not compare kids progress, as they grow differently. Be satisfied of what your kids is capable of. Well I hate being compared to, so I hate comparing too. Hey, that rhymes! Hahah.
I really hope that my son will learn a lot from the kinder and from me. Son, I’m sorry that I am unable to teach you a lot at hime, so I hope you learn a lot from you teachers and ustazahs. I promise I will be more patience and teach you more. Next post on Tadika Visi Sinar soon with more pictures of the kinder and insyaAllah more info.
More info on Tadika Visi Sinar here.

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