Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash


Hello new gadget! Hihih. This is Misfit Flash. My new watch aka fitness tracker. Misfit Flash are both fitness and sleep tracker. Inside the box there is a strap, theO watch and a clip. Flash is made from plastic while his big brother, Misfit Shine was made from aircraft grade metal. Flash have the same function as Shine but half the price.

I wore it on my wrist as watch but you can actually wear it anywhere on your body using the clip provided. Flash is waterproof so feel free to wear it while showering or swimming.

When you click on the Flash face, it display your progress then the time.
1 light to show the hour and the other blinking light to show the minutes.

Using Flash is easy with app provided by Misfit. Just download the app, sync and then forget. Just open the app to view your detailed progress. Not like some wearable which need to be turn on when you go to sleep or do any activities.

Below is what I achieved so far today from as I start wearing it yesterday.

Based on the graft, I only had 1 hour and 19 minutes of deep sleep. I guess that was pretty much true as I am actually a very light sleeper. I woke to any loud sounds and I woke a couple of times at night to feed my baby Aqeed.

I bought this as I was influenced by my officemate who own a Jawbone 24 and the other guy who owns a Misfit Shine. Not to mention my current craze for smart watch. I want that Apple Watch! Oh you can get yours here at Misfit Store. But I got mine from amazon from last Black Friday. Well I guess I’ll start to use this as a beginner wearables gadget then move to a more advanced smart watch. Well moving is easy if I have a money tree. Haha. Hopefully I’ll lose more of my pregnancy weight soon with this. More reviews of the flash in a month time as I have more progress to show. Till then. Bye!

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