Challenges during early marriage

Challenges during early marriage


From Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd. Fadzilah Kamsah,

Challenges during early marriage,

  1. Getting to know yourself in a new context (married life). Will I be able to follow Allah’s commands, patience when tested, show my love, be responsible etc.
  2. Know your partner’s real self. Attitude when in love/engaged usually change after marriage!
  3. Find POINT of COMPATIBILITY because we often attracted to the opposite of our attitude.
  4. Learn to balance between career and marriage. Lots of newlyweds is not considerate of these issues and was faced with conflicts and problems after they got married.
  5. Learn to GIVE MORE THAN RECEIVING. Don’t bother asking for your rights, but give more right to your partner.
  6. Changing the paradigm of marriage : If you obey Allah, be faithful to your spouse, give room for give and take, nurture the love, find more knowledge on living in a family — insyaAllah you will be happy in this world and the life after.
  7. Build harmony between in laws. 
  8. Sensitive about the need to TEACH and APPROACH your partner with wisdom.
  9. Learn to complement all aspects of your partner’s life.
  10. Understand all roles that is necessary to be played in marriage.
  11. Find a mentor/adviser for reference.
  12. Build rules & regulations in marriage so that it will stay positive and lively
  13. Don’t take anything for granted and try to do the best in everything.
  14. Tawakkal and redha for every fate from Allah.
I’m still learning from this marriage. It has only been 2 years plus. I sincerely hope that we will be together forever till jannah. 

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