Gross and Fine motor skills for Babies

Gross and Fine motor skills for Babies


Gross & Fine Motor Skills Most Babies Develop By 18 Months 

• Climbs in adult chair and turns around to sit
• Seats self in small chair
• Pushes and pulls large toys around the room
• Carries large toy while walking without losing balance
• Steps on or kicks into ball in attempt to imitate kicking ball
• Walks backwards 5 steps while pulling toy on string

• Use both hands – one holds, other manipulates
• Stacks 4-6 blocks
• Imitates vertical stroke
• Grasps crayon with thumb and finger towards paper
• Removes shoes with laces untied
• Puts toys away with assistance
• Manipulates objects with intent (pushing car, etc.)
• Feels easily frustrated
• Uses gesture in play
• Parallel play

Source : A Guide To Your Child’s Gross & Fine Motor Development

Arsyad can do all the gross motor skill listed by now. But for the fine motor/self-help/play skills, I have yet to   try block stacking.

Why are these motor skills important? It’s for their communication skills. Like using the computer mouse, drawing pictures, and writing their names or a message. These are how we interact in live our daily lives. It’s important to monitor your kid’s development. There are loads of toys out there to stimulate and improve his life skills. Those special needs toys, which are created for kids of certain ages are meant to let kids have fun but being helpful at the same time. So, don’t restrict you kid’s toys for the reason that you don’t want to handle the mess. But think about the right toy to buy. Not those noisy-fancy-colored spinning balls with light you can get at pasar malam. Heheh. Be a smart spender. I’m making my trip to Ikea soon.

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