This heart feels unhappy

This heart feels unhappy


How are you fellow readers? I really wish everyone a very good day and happy day. As for me, it’s the latter. I feel unhappy.

Whenever I raised my voice to my son, I will always feels bad about it later. The worst moments is watching him sleep, innocently. I know It’s not his fault, that he doesn’t really understand everything yet. I just always lose it when he does things that will harm him, things that will hurt him. To the point that I raised my voice high enough that he was shocked by it but then he keeps on doing it anyways.

Oh Allah, please give more patience on educating my child. I don’t want him to turn out to be a bad person that doesn’t listen to his parent. I read an article earlier today that we need to try to teach our small kid using his senses. Such as visual, hear and touch. For example, if you don’t want him to pick up things on the floor and then stuff that thing inside his mouth, you can do it by telling him “Its dirty, eugh!”. Or you can make a disgusted face by pointing to the thing. Or you can let him try and taste it. This will be the hardest. And you can combined any of the three together too. Like by making a disgusted face while saying “Its dirty, eugh!”

This method requires patience and practice. If all fails, we can try using the heart talk method. Talk to him while he sleeps about all the things that you want him to do or not do. Or just hug him close to you and just close your eyes and talks, Through your heart. Keep an open mind for this one, or else it won’t work. Believe. That is important. Hopefully my sharing will be beneficial to all those hard working super mommys out there. You go girl!

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