1st birthday party : Part 2 – The pre birthday

1st birthday party : Part 2 – The pre birthday


This is Arsyad on his pre birthday party. Bald. No smiles. Hahah.

Playing with cars at Abang Mat’s house.

Kak Anis, Kak Sha holding Arsyad, Dini, Sofia, Abang Mat and Hubby. Celebrating Dini’s birthday together with Arsyad’s future birthday. Just a simple party. Bought cake from Secret Recipe. Kak Sha bought some sate and Kak Anis prepared the drinks and “jajans”.

I planned a celebration today with my family, mak, abah and my siblings. We didn’t buy any presents yet for Arsyad. Maybe today after work I’ll go and look for the remote control car that we want for Arsyad. Note this. We want. Heheh.

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