Filling up junior’s tummy

Filling up junior’s tummy


All this while, my son have only been drinking milk direct feed from me. I haven’t tried giving him bottles until last few weeks that my mother and my mother in law been giving me speech about how difficult it will be later in case anything happen to me or something. The other reason is if I start working, he needs to feed using bottles as I won’t be around all the time.

I have tried many bottles, avent, tupperware, anakku. All have failed me. He refused to drink from bottle maybe because of the teat, but he can drink when my husband try to feed him using spoon.

So, I bought this for my son last week. He can finally drink from bottle! Success, yay! The first years Breastflow for 79.90. Alhamdulillah he accepts it as it is quite pricey and I gambled by buying the whole set. Hihih.

The packaging.

The contents

2 5oz bottles
2 9oz bottles
4 caps
1 brush

Each bottle have 2 teats, 1 inner teat and 1 outer teat. You need to assemble it the right way or it will leak or it won’t come out at all. The good thing about this bottle is, the milk will only come out when your child sucks from it. So, this will decrease the possibilities that your child will choke while feeding. I highly recommend this brand! Till then lovelies!

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