Of craziness

Of craziness


Photo source : Sweet Melissa Photography

Lately, I’ve been crazy about baby stuffs. Who can help it right? It’s going to be my first baby. Even my parents are crazy about baby stuffs now. Good for me cos I can save money when the grandparents are buying. Hahah.

One more thing that I’ve been looking up to these days are maternity photography and newborn photography. I’m not going to book some expensive photographers to d them for me, but looking out for a way that I can capture it myself, or with help of hubby and my sisters. Here are some inspirations.

Photo source : The Photography Collection
Photo source : Dani C Photography

Photo source : HolladayPhoto

Photo source : Potrait Butique

Photo source : Works of Love Photography

Simple and fun. Just the way I like it. The things that bring up the fun are accessories! I’m going for photo shoot accessories next! Hehe.

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