I’m bored with my wardrobe

I’m bored with my wardrobe


As a girl, we love new clothes. And because of that, we love shopping. But not all time we can afford to buy new clothes every time we wants a new look. What we haven’t always realize is we sometimes forget that we have that special clothes that we haven’t worn for a while. That includes me. Hehe. Mix and match is a good thing right? So here are some tips that I found from Divine Caroline.

Ten Steps to Organizing Your Closet

Step 1: Give yourself enough time and space to get the job done right. Have five bags for sorting ready to be used.

Step 2: Take everything out of your closet. Yes, I mean everything. You need a fresh palate for a truly organized outcome. 

Step 3: Try everything on. Have a friend or family member with you for a second opinion.

Step 4Ask yourself these questions as you try on your clothes:

  • When did I wear this last?
  • Why haven’t I worn it in a while?
  • Does this make me feel beautiful? Empowered? Stylish?
  • Does it need to be altered? Mended? Cleaned?
  • When would I wear this in the next six months?

Remember that we usually wear 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time!

Step 5: Sort as you try on. Have a pile for keep and use the five bags for :

Bag 1: Throw away
Bag 2: Repairs
Bag 3: Alterations
Bag 4: Give away to friends/family
Bag 5: Donations for Working Wardrobes

Step 6: Take note of the items that need to be repaired or altered. You will need to save space for these items and make sure you have enough hangers them. Remove all bags out of the room and make process them immediately. If you are donating, giving anything away to others, repairing or altering items, deal with them that day. Put the items in the car and set appointments in your calendar to finish the job. Bring anything to the trash immediately.

Step 7: Count how many items you have left. Make note of how you will hang items. Do you need skirt hangers? Will you fold over your pants on a hanger or use a skirt hanger to clip it. Take count and purchase matching hangers. You will be amazed at how important this is in organizing. Making this investment will help you love your hard work and you will want to keep it up. My best recommendation for hangers is the felt covered hangers or wood ones. They won’t leave marks in the shoulders of your clothes and will keep them in top shape.

Step 8: Take a moment to look at your empty closet. What space do you have? How do you get dressed everyday? Do you have separate work and play clothes? Do you wear items for both? If you do wear them for both, consider blending your clothes for ease and convenience. If you don’t, then you should keep it separate.

Step 9: Divide and conquer! Break down sections of your closet. Think of how you dress. Shirts on top, pants and skirts on the bottom. Hang long dresses and skirts in a section as well. If you only have one bar in your closet, consider a double hang closet bar to get the most use of space out of your closet.

Step 10: Finishing touches. Now is the time to see what all your hard work was for. Hang all items back up in their designated sections. Make sure to take the time to hang them right. Sloppy on/sloppy off meaning, if you don’t hang it up nicely to begin with, it will look wrinkled and messy when you go to wear it. In each section/group of clothes, hang the clothes in order of lightest to darkest. Find a container to hold a stain stick, a lint roller, wrinkle remover and safety pins for quick fixes.
With your closet in organized bliss, you will be dressed and ready in no time, leaving more time for fun! Also, think of all you will save by actually wearing the clothes in your closet. You will now be shopping in your own closet, calling it Chez Moi Boutique.

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