Over the years

Over the years


This is originally a drawing on note pad. I sketched this yesterday while waiting for my beloved (hihiks) to pick me up at the office. My father will cry if he see this. I sucks at drawing big time. I’ll vectorize this in Illustrator later. Maybe. Heheh.
So I started wearing hijab at 5 years old. That is when I enter kindergarten. My kindergarten is Islamic kinds, so we are required to wear hijab or tudung as what we Muslims in Malaysia call it. On that age, I only wear hijab to kindergarten. By the age of 7, I entered the primary school still wearing hijab, but have started to practice wearing hijab even outside the school. This is except playing around the house at play time in the evening. Or any time in the day around the house. Going out to supermarket or anywhere, I will wear tudung. But at this age, my parents is still not that strict about me wearing it yet. 
Going to high school, I live in dormitory at school far from home. My school is an Islamic school, so we have to wear hijab. No exceptions. Going around the hostels to do activities and stuffs, needs me to wear hijab. Going back home or going outside with family, I have never let myself not to wear hijab anymore. This is the age that I have really started to wear hijab everywhere where there is man. In high school, if you can see at the me on the right, I was wearing the big oval hijab. In Malay language, it is called tudung labuh. That is my daily wear at school. Outside the school, the normal tudung bawal. If you can see on my drawing on the left side, there is a dot on my hijab, that is a brooch actually. Hehe. That is how I wear the hijab for 5 years.
Entering college, I tried to experiments with many kinds of style using the tudung bawal. The three styles shown are the style I used the most. Back then, there is only that type of hijab in Malaysia. The one and only tudung bawal. Nowadays, there is the syria hijab, chiffon shawls, scarves, hijab with awning, pashmina, lycra shawls and many more.
Now that I have started working, I have the extra money to buy more expensive hijab, like the lycra/cotton shawl from the Ariani boutique. I love the style and the cutting of the hijab, as it’s the easiest style to wear. It is also called instant hijab here. But, there is a but! Those instant hijab are expensive, as the fabrics used are expensive too. I think. I now have start buying shawls instead. I love pashimina shawl because I don’t have to iron them. See my drawing? That is my wearing shawl with many style. The me on the left is wearing instant hijab. Haha.
Forgive me for the ugly drawings. Hope you have fun reading my entry today. So, tell me about you. What style of hijab you prefer the most and since when you have start wearing? Till next post. Bye.


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